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Going Back to Medolark?

I'm probably not-who is?
If not, what are you planning to do next summmer?
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i go to MOL & i'm going back 1st session.
i just searched and found this...
who from MOL are you guys?
this is jackie...c? from UTOPIA 1st & 1/2 of 2nd Session...
yea, but cool.
<3 jackie
I'm Ben (Rob's cousin). Randy's Nicky. Rob has a Live Journal as well, under the name Seitelcrantz.
haha tight.
randy! if you read this- remember me?
i was in your photo class ;D i have those weird glasses haha

and... ben, hey
wow.. there aren't that many people in this community. :-\
i know more MOL people with LJs. ah well
Hi Jackie...of course I remember you. :)

Apologies for not checking this community often. I'm incredibly busy. How are things? Good? Bad? I live about an hour outside of New York and am going to graduate school for creative writing...
randy hehe you read my handwriting too

haha good times good times
i go MOL. hehehe. hi can i join community! woot woot. martha too.
I went there. A couple years back though. I was a senior camper summers ago. Eh, same year as Shira. Everyone knows her (everyone who was there while she was at least)